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  • Personnel: Marilyn Manson (vocals, guitar, saxophone, Mellotron, synthesizer, bass, drums, loops); John (guitar, strings, piano); Tim Skold (guitar, accordion, keyboards, synthesizer, bass, programming); MW Gacy (keyboards, synthesizer, loops); Ginger Fish (drums).Producers: Marilyn Manson, Tim Skold, Ben Grosse.Recorded at Doppelherz, The Mix Room, Burbank, California and Ocean Way Studios, Los Angeles, California."Mobscene" was nominated for the 2004 Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance.Marilyn Manson proudly wears his musical influences on his band's fifth studio album, where the perpetually androgynous singer and company continue their crusade of industrial rock outrage, making nods to forerunners while never losing that which is quintessentially Manson. "mOBSCENE," reeks of ANGEL DUST-era Faith No More. "Para Noir" offers a romantic agenda in grand Manson style, with little chance for radio edit status. "Better Of Two Evils" and "Your Fist And Not Your Mouth" rally with undeniable choruses while "This Is The New Shit" nails a Korn-inflected groove. The set's down-tempo title track is built around a haunting piano line, and "(s)AINT" deftly captures the Powerman 5000 style. The album track most likely to get extensive re-mixing is the incredibly catchy "Ka-boom Ka-boom." THE GOLDEN AGE OF GROTESQUE drops yet another bomb on convention, and Marilyn Manson clearly planned it that way.
  • Personnel: John McCutcheon (vocals, 6 & 12-string acoustic & electric guitars, banjo, hammered dulcimer, fiddle); Mike Cotter, Mary Ann Redmond, Demetra Katson); Pete Kennedy (acoustic & electric guitars, banjo, mandolin); Bob Read (clarinet, soprano saxophone, saxophone); Jon Carroll (accordion, piano, background vocals); John D'earth (trumpet); Doug Elliott (trombone); Michael Aharon (piano, electric piano, organ, synthesizer); JT Brown (bass, background vocals); Robert "Jos" Jospe (drums, percussion); Kevin Davis (congas, percussion); Bob Dawson (percussion).Recorded at Bias Studios, Springfield, Virginia.All tracks have been digitally mastered using HDCD technology.JOHN MCCUTCHEON'S FOUR SEASONS: AUTUMNSONGS was nominated for a 1999 Grammy for Best Musical Album For Children.Nothing's what you expect it to be on AUTUMNSONGS. McCutcheon is known as a first rate folk guitarist, but he underplays both his guitar skills and his folkie side in favor of full band arrangements featuring lots of electric instruments. This is ostensibly a children's album, but if you weren't listening intently to the skew of the lyrics, you'd just think it was a straight-up contemporary singer-songwriter effort. This recording continues McCutcheon's seasonal series, and it does contain songs about Halloween, Thanksgiving and such, but it seems to venture far beyond the theme. AUTUMNSONGS is ultimately a family album rather than just a kids' recording.
  • Recorded live in Long Beach, California on August 18, 2001.If you were the right age at the time of the Knack's debut album, you remember the giddy rush equal parts hype and heart that--for a few precious moments--made it feel like the new Beatles had arrived. No band but the original Fab Four could live up to that, of course, and the Knack's flame slowly died down after burning briefly and brightly. Their eventual reunion delighted the faithful, and this, their first live album, should hearten anyone with fond memories of those halcyon new wave days. Doug and the boys are still unrepentant power poppers, who lead off the disc with the heavily ironic "Pop is Dead" while simultaneously churning out infectiously poppy riffs and harmonies. The band tackles old favorites like "(She's So) Selfish" and the iconic "My Sharona" with as much sharpness and verve as ever, but perhaps more impressive is the energy they bring to more recent songs, which brim with just as much angular vitality.
  • Soft Machine: Elton Dean (alto saxophone, electric piano); Mike Ratledge (electric piano, organ); Hugh Hopper (bass guitar); John Marshall (drums).Recording information: Paris, France (05/02/1972).Those whose interest in British jazz-rock legend Soft Machine ceases at the point where drummer/singer Robert Wyatt left the band in 1971 stand to have their preconceptions shattered by this two-disc live recording of the band's subsequent phase. One of numerous revelatory live Soft Machine recordings released posthumously by Cuneiform Records, LIVE IN PARIS catches the group in transition. With John Marshall (former bandmate of UK free-jazzer Keith Tippett) replacing Wyatt, Soft Machine moved definitively away from rock trappings toward a jazzier, more cerebral approach that further accentuated the improvisatory abilities of keyboardist Mike Ratledge and saxman Elton Dean.They prove themselves fully able to tackle the bulk of their landmark Wyatt-era album THIRD here. However, tracks that would appear shortly after this May '72 concert on FIFTH show the band flexing new muscles. Dean's post-Coltrane solos and Ratledge's trademark fuzz-organ lines bob and weave through tunes that show the quartet to be no slouches in the compositional department (of course Dean, Ratledge and bassist Hugh Hopper had already contributed mightily to the band's songbook before Wyatt left). Three of these tracks would never make it to the studio, as this mighty lineup would splinter before FIFTH was even released, making LIVE IN PARIS all the more special.
  • When the single "Kiss Me" was featured on the soundtrack for 1999's NEVER BEEN KISSED and reached the Top 10, many assumed that Sixpence None The Richer was a new band. The band, formed in New Braunfels, Texas in the early '90s, was in fact four albums old at that point-if you include the curious 1996 stopgap release TICKETS FOR A PRAYER WHEEL as a proper album.The disc is something of an expanded CD single for "Within a Room Somewhere," a track from Sixpence None the Richer's second album, THIS BEAUTIFUL MESS. This song appears here in four versions: radio edit, demo, remix, and original. However, the other tracks on this album-length CD more than make up for the repetition. Sixpence None the Richer's greatest asset is Leigh Bingham's expressive voice, which often sounds not unlike a more subtle and controlled Tori Amos and perfectly fits the sympathetic folk-pop settings of "Dresses" and "Carry You."
  • Curlew: Davey Williams (6 & 12 string guitar); George Cartwright (soprano, alto & tenor saxophones); Chris Parker (piano, Wurlitzer electric piano); Fred Chalenor (electric bass); Bruce Golden (drums).Recorded at Terrarium Recording Studio, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Includes liner notes by Michael DeCapite.Curlew is as respected a name as there is in the world of downtown/avant jazz. MEET THE CURLEWS fully lives up to the lofty reputation the group has established over its long history while bringing new life to the band's sound. While founders George Cartwright and Davey Williams are still at the helm, there are some new recruits on this album, including bassist Fred Chalenor, whose occasional Hugh Hopper-inspired fuzz bass lines inject that Soft Machine jazz-rock spirit beloved since the late '60s. For the most part though, Cartwright's mix of traditional melodic statements and free/experimental freneticism shares the spotlight with Davey Williams's guitars, which jump in a heartbeat from avant-garde textures to fusion-inspired riff-fests. While much of MEET THE CURLEWS finds the definition-defying quintet jumping around between R.I.O-inflected jazz-rock, to guns-blazing experimental jazz, and composition-oriented "new music," all the hue and cry does occasionally die down in favor of a ballad like the reflective "HATED." Ultimately, the level of invention is awe-inspiring whatever mode Curlew chooses.
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  • 1983's ALL THE WAY STRONG is probably Third World's most pop-oriented album. In the early '80s, after Bob Marley's untimely death, reggae came somewhat adrift as bands explored new arenas in an attempt to pick up Marley's mantle as the public face of the music. (As it turned out, none of them were entirely successful before the advent of electronic dancehall reggae in the mid-'80s changed the music forever.) Even more than their compadres Black Uhuru, Third World made the decision to emphasize the pop elements of their music, adding synths and electronic drums to their bass-heavy arrangements, and featuring a new emphasis on R&B-style love songs over Rasta sloganeering. The single "Love Is Out to Get You" is representative of the album as a whole; unfortunately, neither it nor the album had much crossover success at the time.
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